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Hello, my fellow crew mates!

Name: Eukalyris (you may call me Lyris)
How did you find
toxic_letters/Who recommended you: I searched for Tom/Ginny in the search bar and this is what came up.
Favorite Harry Potter book:
Chamber of Secrets & Half-Blood Prince
Why I like the T/G ship:
It's my OTP; I became fascinated by it after watching CoS (of course, Christian Coulson's casting role as Tom Riddle helped too) It's hard to explain exactly why. There are a lot of reasons and some of them are quite dark and a few of the dark reasons are too squicky for some people.
Aside from T/G? Well, I also like Dramione and a little Draco/Ginny. Outside of HP, I like to write and sketch in my free time. I'm pretty good at drawing too, and my wish is to expand the number of T/G fanart that's out there.
Erm, I wrote an diagnostic rant defending T/G a few days ago. It basically explains how the pair is possible despite all odds.

Also, I would really, really appreciate it if someone can send me a saved copy of this one-shot called 'Secrets Left in the Chamber' by three_pointer. It's rated M, so it's too hot to touch for minors. I used to have a copy of it until my computer crashed and I lost the story. I tried to look for it on this TMR/LV fic archive called Dystopia, but it's been taken down and the author of the story deleted/purged their account so there is virtually no way I can find it on the internet anymore. I searched high and low, but it's been taken down. But maybe *crosses fingers* someone might have saved a copy of it on their computer. And if that's the case, I would be eternally grateful to that person if they can send it to me via message or email. Thanks.

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