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How did you find toxic_letters/Who recommended you: amor_quies
Favourite Harry Potter book: Prisoner of Aazkaban, because of Sirius. But I love OotP because everything falls apart and the reality sets in that nothing will ever be the same.
Why I like the T/G ship:Because it's the epitome of everything I like in fics. It cannot be written as fluff, it's impossible. Tom is a dirty, coldhearted bastard, we all know this. But he has a piece of Ginny's soul, and despite how it seems, that will never be over. It is dark and twisted, and Ginny always has to be at least mildly crazy.
Interests: Music, creativity, smoking, good writing, money. Hey, who DOESN'T like money?

&&I also ship D/G, R/G [yes, that's incest. Blame the author of Cold Embrace for that one.], and the occasional H/G, although I usually write Harry as screwed up or abusive in my fics. That riles up the Harry! fangirls like whoah

&&I recently got into making fanmixes and am working on one for D/G, T/G, R/G, and H/G, as well as indivual soundtracks.

&&I am on fictionalley.org as ginny1313 and on ff.net as fireofthestars.
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