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Lackadaisical, my new Gin 'n' Toxin, has finally landed! I know the two-or-so of you who have been anticipating this could hardly contain yourselves [ ;) ] but the wait is over! The first chapter is now posted!

Title: Lackadaisical: Chapter 1/15(ish)
Author: Moi (mein_einhorn)
Type of Fic: Chaptered
Rating: PG (for now...buahahaha)
Genre: Horror/Romance
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters belong to their rightful owners. I like my pants; don't sue them off!
Summary: Ginny's 6th year is proving to be boring... or so she thinks. In her daze, she doesn't realise that she must soon deal with the pressures of war, unrequited love, and that force that has, for five years, lurked in the back of her mind, trying to escape. When she finally awakes from her trance, will it be too late to forestall tragedy?
Author Notes: Not much action here (none at all, actually). But it will speed up, I promise. Also, very herky-jerky for the first bit. HBP-compatible.
Constructive Criticism: Yes

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