Josie (chalkdrawn) wrote in toxic_letters,

Sanguine Acquittal

Title: Sanguine Acquittal
Author: hawkly
Type of Fic: One-shot
Rating: NC-17 (For suicide and character death)
Genre: Darkfic/Angsty

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, I do not own the main character of this fan fiction (Ginny Weasley) nor do I own any other characters mentioned. This fic (plot included) though, belongs to me. I have no intention of seeing this fan fiction published, nor would I ever consider it. Any use of this fan fiction by any person excluding myself is prohibited. 

Summary: The thought of waiting to be with her love, Tom, is too much for Ginny, and she takes the matter into her own hands. NOTE: Suicide and character death.

Author Notes: Beta'd by darkermannequin and Serpent
Constructive Criticism: Be gentle, please.

(I watched as the..)

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