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How did you find toxic_letters/Who recommended you: amor_quies
Favourite Harry Potter book: Prisoner of Aazkaban, because of Sirius. But I love OotP because everything falls apart and the reality sets in that nothing will ever be the same.
Why I like the T/G ship:Because it's the epitome of everything I like in fics. It cannot be written as fluff, it's impossible. Tom is a dirty, coldhearted bastard, we all know this. But he has a piece of Ginny's soul, and despite how it seems, that will never be over. It is dark and twisted, and Ginny always has to be at least mildly crazy.
Interests: Music, creativity, smoking, good writing, money. Hey, who DOESN'T like money?

&&I also ship D/G, R/G [yes, that's incest. Blame the author of Cold Embrace for that one.], and the occasional H/G, although I usually write Harry as screwed up or abusive in my fics. That riles up the Harry! fangirls like whoah

&&I recently got into making fanmixes and am working on one for D/G, T/G, R/G, and H/G, as well as indivual soundtracks.

&&I am on fictionalley.org as ginny1313 and on ff.net as fireofthestars.

*Ahem* Community Pimp

I would like to advertise a community I just started for fans of Lord Voldemort (not Tom/Ginny) called MORSMORDRE! which, as you all know, is the spell for the Dark Mark in the sky.

There you can post anything Voldemort related: Ralph Fiennes news, Voldemort-centric fanfic (no Tom/Ginny, please...Voldemort/Ginny is fine), keychains, dog leashes, artstuff, fan encounters, deadly recipes, etc.

If you would like to join the community, mose on over to mors_mordre , follow the procedures and await approval (done to keep out bots!).


We now return you to your original programming.

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Lackadaisical, my new Gin 'n' Toxin, has finally landed! I know the two-or-so of you who have been anticipating this could hardly contain yourselves [ ;) ] but the wait is over! The first chapter is now posted!

Title: Lackadaisical: Chapter 1/15(ish)
Author: Moi (mein_einhorn)
Type of Fic: Chaptered
Rating: PG (for now...buahahaha)
Genre: Horror/Romance
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters belong to their rightful owners. I like my pants; don't sue them off!
Summary: Ginny's 6th year is proving to be boring... or so she thinks. In her daze, she doesn't realise that she must soon deal with the pressures of war, unrequited love, and that force that has, for five years, lurked in the back of her mind, trying to escape. When she finally awakes from her trance, will it be too late to forestall tragedy?
Author Notes: Not much action here (none at all, actually). But it will speed up, I promise. Also, very herky-jerky for the first bit. HBP-compatible.
Constructive Criticism: Yes

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New Fic Teaser Poster

For a while now, I've been working on a Gin 'n' Toxin called Lackadaisical. I just made a little promo poster for it, and am testing for response on it. I don't know if it will actually be very teasery, but if you would like to take a look and maybe leave a comment so I know how to proceed...

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Sleepless In Scotland

Title: Sleepless in Scotland
Author: Me (under alias of crazy_einhorn)
Type of Fic: One-Shot
Rating: PG-13 (some swearing and innuendo)
Genre: Angst/Romance
Disclaimer: Everything but the actual mini-plot belongs to JK Rowling, Bloomsbury, and Warner Bros.
Summary: It's Ginny's 6th year at Hogwarts and a certain phantom in her mind has been disrupting her sleep. It all boils down to this one night.
Author Notes: None
Constructive Criticism: Yes

Restlessness (X-Posted to my Fic Journal)
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New Member!

Hey all! Just found this community and it looks great.

Name: Danny
Age: 18
How did you find toxic_letters/Who recommended you: Searched for a Tom/Ginny community
Favourite Harry Potter book: Half-Blood Prince (followed closely by Prisoner of Azkaban)
Why I like the T/G ship: It's so dark and sensual and very lovely and sad at the same time. It has the potential to be loving and nurturing or destructive and filled with venom. Great ship, what can I say?
Interests: Harry Potter (obviously), Swedish and German languages, mediaeval music, reading, drawing, writing
Extra: I'm one of those "G/T FOREVER" kind of gals, because I just love it so much. Some would say it's a very wrong ship, but I say "who cares?"

I write fanfic and draw fanart and also make a few icons (specially whimsical ones). Also, I want to see Cillian Murphy as Tom Riddle Senior in the HBP movie, but that could just be me ;)
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New Here

Hi! I am a new memeber.
Who recommended you:Noone I just did a search and found this cumminty.

Favourite Harry Potter book:Goblet Of Fire

Why I like the T/G ship:Hmm, never gave it much thought. I like this ship because I love the bad guy always having what he wants. Always winning in the end. The evil truimphing over good. And they just look good together.

Interests:Reading, video games, art, tarot cards, astrology, and many more things.

Extra:Dont know what else to say.
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Can't remember where I got this...


Hello there! Since one of the rules of the community is that we must post within two weeks of becoming a member, I am posting! I ship MANY ships but have a particular obsession with Ginny/Tom and Hermione/Draco.

Name: Staci
Age: 19
How did you find [info]toxic_letters/Who recommended you: Found it through Interests Search
Favourite Harry Potter book: Goblet of Fire
Why I like the T/G ship: It's showcases the art of seduction at its finest
Interests: hmm.... Harry Potter maybe? And singing. I like to sing.
Extra: No thank you. :-P

So yes - great community - I'm happy to be here. :-)