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Toxic Letters

Tom/Ginny Shippers

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|| Toxic Letters :: Sinister Scribblings ||
Maintained by animus_mentis
Header credit goes to allegoricduck
toxic_letters is a community dedicated solely for the fandom pairing of Tom Marvolo Riddle and Ginevra Molly Weasley, two of many characters located in JK Rowling's Potterverse. This community was created because I noticed that all of the original Tom/Ginny communities were very much Avada Kedavra-ed and I wanted to be introduced to this ship with good fiction.

In this community, you are welcome to discuss the T/G relationship, post icon, post fan fiction, ask for writing tips, and pretty much anything else involving Tom and Ginny. Anyways, before you get your shipping started, read the rules below.

1. Absolutely no flaming will be tolerated. Flame once and you're booted out of this community. I don't have time to deal with it nor do I have time to give people second chances. You all should be over thirteen, and therefore know better than to act like a seven year old child.
2. If you are posting a lot of icons, then use your judgement and put them in an lj-cut.
3. Posting fan fiction requires the following format:
Type of Fic: (one-shot, drabble, chaptered, etc)
Author Notes:
Constructive Criticism: (yes/no)

4. All fan fiction must be placed under an lj-cut, no exceptions.
5. This is not a role-playing game, so no role-playing is to take place.
6. You are allowed to advertise communities as long as they are Harry Potter related. However, please do not advertise other T/G communities here for the sole fact that I'd like to keep the members we already have.
7. Once you join, you must post something within the next two weeks. What's the point of joining a community if you're not going to do anything in it?
8. Please, please, please if you have a link in your entry that goes elsewhere besides LiveJournal, insert the following tag in the html code after the url so that it opens in a separate window: target=_blank. It should look like this: {a href="url" target=_blank}link{/a}, but replace the {} with <>. If you receive five warnings about this, you are automatically banned. It annoys me when it doesn't open in another window and I'm sure it does others, so it's for the sake of being practical.
9. This is a T/G community only and not a Voldemort/Ginny community.
10. Fill out the questionaire below.
If you're new to the community, then it's required that you fill out the following introduction questionaire, but you don't have to give your real name and age if you don't feel comfortable giving it out:
How did you find toxic_letters/Who recommended you:
Favourite Harry Potter book:
Why I like the T/G ship:

This is to be posted as a regular entry to alert the community of a welcome newcomer and to just introduce yourself and get to know everyone else a little better.
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